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Security Solutions


At Haider Consulting we provide security solutions that maintain a constant state of readiness to protect your company against evolving threats. We can work with, or independently of your IT staff to ensure total protection. Our tools and methods are based on industry standards and can prevent problems from occurring.

All solutions that we provide are designed to integrate with your organization. We strive to provide the services that make the most business sense for your company.

Some of the Products and Services We Provide Include:

Layered Security

All of our products and services use a layered security approach by combining several different security components, such as anti-virus, firewalls, and patch management tools to create a comprehensive defensive barrier. Layered security increases the difficulty for an attacker to infiltrate your networks and decreases probability they will even attempt.

Software Patch Management

If you are only installing Windows Updates you’re missing out. Many viruses and other malware exploit unpatched software bugs in programs other than Windows. These bugs can allow criminal organizations to access your computers and funnel your confidential information! Protect yourself with our software patch management service. We ensure all of your critical applications are up to date.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Many corporate networks and systems have been breached and the attacks are never uncovered. How much valuable data has your business lost without you knowing about the breach until weeks, months, or even years later? Intrusion detection and prevention systems monitor network and/or system activities for malicious activity. When malicious activity is discovered it is blocked and the appropriate contacts notified.

Compliance Monitoring

(PCI-DSS, HIPPA, GLBA, etc.)- Legislators and regulatory agencies are continuously updating rules regarding how data should be stored, transmitted, audited, and destroyed. Many companies are ill-equipped to ensure their IT systems meet regulatory compliance. Compliance monitoring ensures that all IT services are secure and meet regulations.

Vulnerability Management

Many corporate applications still in use are no longer supported by their original vendors and contain numerous vulnerabilities. Does your organization still use old, unsupported, applications that contain important data? Vulnerability management services from Haider Consulting can identify and help mitigate vulnerabilities in the applications you use.

Active Directory Policy Review and Implementation

Microsoft Active Directory can be used to ensure user authentication and enforce security policies for Windows computers. Improperly configured polices can lead to login headaches and users having access to data they shouldn’t. Conducting a review of your existing polices and developing new ones is always a good idea. Contact Haider Consulting for more information on how we can help insure your Windows systems are secure.


Firewalls are the gate keepers of the network and prevent intruders, viruses, and mayhem from entering or exiting your sensitive corporate networks. As important as these devices are, how sure are you that your firewall is configured correctly to protect your business? Is your firewall still capable of handling the amount of data you transmit? Firewalls must be continuously updated to deal with new attacks and threats. We use industry leading, deep packet inspection firewalls that are sized appropriately to protect you, your valuable network, and the devices on your network.

Penetration Testing

Have you tested the strength of your firewall and other network security devices? Competitors and hackers have. Ensure your company is protected by scheduling regular tests of your firewall and network security devices. We use the same tools and techniques hackers use to test computers and networks.

User and Workstation Protection

(Anti-virus, Device Control, Web Filtering) - Anti-virus is a great tool to prevent known viruses, spyware, worms, and other malicious programs from being installed on your systems. Complete endpoint protection includes anti-virus software as well as other tools to prevent infected devices from causing havoc on your network. Endpoint protection can even prevent infected devices from connecting to your network in the first place.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Remote access and telecommuting can save you time, money, and enable your work force to interact with customers one on one. But, telecommuting is only safe if conducted over a secure connection. If configured improperly third party remote access tools can allow hackers to infiltrate your network and access sensitive data. We can setup a secure VPN for your organization that ensures your data is kept safe even if it you access it from across the globe.

SPAM Filtering

Junk email is not only a hassle it can also contain crafted code that is designed to create backdoors and exploit vulnerabilities. SPAM filtering services from Haider Consulting are crafted to provide adaptive filtering, virus scanning, and email continuity in the event of network failures.

Integrity Monitoring

Do you know how your employees are using your company’s digital resources? Are they browsing Facebook, watching YouTube videos, or storing copyrighted materials such as music and movies on your servers without your knowledge? Our Integrity monitoring services can help identify and prevent employees and contractors from using your company’s resources for personal gain.

Network Baseline Inspection

Networks are the single most important part of business today. Creating a baseline for your computer network is an important process that is used to identify traffic that may include malicious programs and malformed data. Bad traffic can cause slow performance, data loss, and even corruption. Network baseline inspection services from Haider Consulting can help ensure your network is secure and operating at its’ full potential.