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Information Security and Threat Analysis

What steps have you taken to protect your company from security threats?

Many small and medium size businesses are vulnerable to data theft and don’t even know it. Every business has some information security measures in place, however, they are rarely tested to prove their effectiveness.

The purpose of our security assessment is to ensure necessary security controls are integrated into your organization to prevent security breaches.

Not all threats are Internet based. There are many physical threats such as physical data theft via usb key or the cloud. Many businesses believe security by obscurity will continue to work for them, and many businesses simply do not know their IT vulnerabilities let alone how to prevent them from being exploited. Is your business prepared against both apparent and not so obvious threats?

Every business is unique and so is the security need. Before conducting a security assessment, we meet with the client management as well as their IT team to gain understanding of the client business operations to ensure we have their business objectives as our focal point. Security assessments help analyze the effectiveness of existing security measures as well as identifying any gaps.

Following an information security assessment, we provide formal reports along with recommendations to address vulnerabilities. We provide complete solutions to mitigate risks that are specific to your business and industry.