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Business Solutions

At Haider Consulting, we help our clients develop Information Technology Strategies to achieve their business goals and improve their bottom line. As your business grows, so do your technology needs. HCI's business solutions help guide your business through the decision making process, focusing on business transformation management through technology planning and implementation.


Virtualization allows the provisioning and use of dedicated servers to host business applications and resources while using existing hardware or improving the efficiency of new hardware. It allows for the reduction of physical hardware that was once required for each individual server. The transition to virtual servers has enabled businesses to reduce costs while leveraging increases in hardware capabilities that have grown faster than application requirements. Haider Consulting can help transition your existing servers or desktop computers to a virtual environment.

IT Strategy and Planning

It is important to establish an overall set of technology strategies and plans that are aligned with your business goals. The key to the success of any project is the ability to create and manage a realistic plan. Our team of project managers can create these plans and manage the success of the project throughout its lifecycle. We implement standardization for ease of manageability and maintenance to execute IT projects successfully.

Software and Hardware Migration

We recognize that the successful transition from one software or hardware platform to another requires careful planning and management in order to achieve the desired results. Haider Consulting offers services and extensive experience in successfully planning and implementing software and hardware migrations.

IT Outsourcing

The broad range of consulting services Haider Consulting offers through outsourcing allows you to focus on your company’s core strategies rather than on IT issues and business security. Our company knows a business needs improved efficiency, increased employee productivity, optimized system reliability, ease of use and management of the system, smooth network access for employees, partners, and customers... all at a competitive price.

We realize these and other detailed requirements are vital to your company when you consider IT service options. That’s why we have set up our network service plans to fit the needs of every type of business. We offer quality solutions and consulting services to all our clients.

Whether you need a one-time consulting service for a company project or you are looking to outsource your whole computer network, our consultants can solve your computer network problems fast and efficiently. From the smallest office to mid-size businesses, our trained technicians will concentrate on optimizing and protecting your network so you don’t have to.

Application Software

Haider Consulting has partnered with various world class companies to provide the best application software solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We provide software assessment as well as planning and implementation of office productivity software at all levels of business needs. Haider Consulting also provides planning, implementation and support for Customer Relationship Management software, Business Management/Accounting software, and Point-of-Sale software.

Data Mining and Management

Implementation of data mining and management will help your organization determine how business facts aid in better decision making. We enable you to achieve your business goals by translating data to knowledge and business intelligence. Using predictive analysis skills and tools, we analyze data to discover relationships and patterns that aid in developing intelligent solutions that focus on individual organizational needs.


A reliable and secure network system is the single most important piece of IT infrastructure. We analyze your network to assess and recommend improvements in the performance, availability, and reliability of your network system. Based on your individual company requirements, our assessments may be all encompassing or focused on certain key areas such as security exposures, virus protection, performance, reliability, and up-time. From planning new offices to consolidating remote offices, you can depend on Haider Consulting to engineer robust, reliable, and secure infrastructures to meet your current and future technology needs.